About Us

If you can't go a day without coffee, you're my kind of people. Oddball Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roaster in Morgantown, WV. We feature several single origin coffees on rotation, all roasted in small batches. Our focus is keeping the roast profile true to the coffee origin so we can bring out all of the natural flavors of the bean which results in an "Odd" cup of coffee for you instead of the typical chocolate or burnt taste you may be used. Coffee shouldn't all be bitter, and we're here to change what your cup tastes like. After all, coffee that tastes great shouldn't be hard to find or hard to make! 

Oddball Coffee Roasters exists because 1. life's too short to be average or normal and 2. because I've been drinking coffee since I was drinking it out of a sippy cup. Several years back, I was gifted a Chemex coffee maker and then a pound of Single Origin Ethiopia beans which absolutely changed my life. This cup of coffee tastes like being punched in the mouth by an orange, and it was light and tea like. I had never tasted coffee like that before. Prior to this pound of coffee, I drank my coffee with creamer and sweetener but after learning what coffee could tasted like, I never wanted to go back. 

For that reason, Oddball Coffee Roasters intends to continue bringing coffees to the table with wild flavors. Our hope is that you fall more in love and learn more about coffee with us, and that you share that love and cup of coffee with someone else. My favorite part of coffee is the community aspect. Grabbing a cup of coffee with someone is one of my favorite ways to catch up and talk with loved ones. Take some time to do the same. 


Chelsea Hellen (owner)